“Ve di Vang oi” campaign launched

The Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA) has launched the “Ve di Vang oi” campaign to promote compassion towards dogs and to call for an end to the theft, trade, slaughter, and consumption of dogs in Vietnam.

Throughout Asia, there is an ever-growing movement calling for the better protection of animals and a ban on activities associated with the dog meat trade.

Following meetings hosted by ACPA in Hanoi and Bangkok in 2013 and 2014, the Vietnamese government, alongside those of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, agreed to a moratorium on the trade in dogs destined for human consumption. The government in Vietnam recognised the serious risk posed to human health by the dog meat trade and asked ACPA to assist with rabies control and elimination programmes.

“Ve di Vang oi” campaign launched


The “Ve di Vang oi” campaign is being launched with the support and participation of some of Vietnam’s best-known artists and celebrities. These include: Quoc Trung, director Charlie Nguyen, choreographer Tran Ly Ly, singers Thu Minh, Uyen Linh, Ha Le, Chipu, Gil Le, Quang Dang, Truong Thi May, Trang Phap, Truc Nhan, Dong Hung, Trung Quan and rapper Suboi.

In May, Vietnam’s National Assembly will discuss for the first time the inclusion of animal protection provisions within the national veterinary law. This would be an important step forward to improve the legislative protection of the country’s animals.

The “Ve di Vang oi” campaign aims to collect over one million signatures in support of a ban on the trade in and slaughtering and consumption of dogs, which will be submitted to the Vietnamese government.

Similar action in Thailand at the end of last year resulted in a ban on the slaughter and consumption of dogs in that country. In December 2014, ACPA presented a petition of nearly 1.4 million signatures to the Thai government. We are sure that we can repeat this success now in Vietnam. Please do take the time to sign the petition linked below.

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ACPA’s focus is to end the trade in- and demand for- dogs from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia into Vietnam to supply the demand for dog meat and associated products.

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